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If you need more space than 30 megs just ask and we can give you more free of charge.

Before you create a page here on XT Host, please read and understand these rules.

- inactive sites will be deleted with less than 1 hit/week
- No adult content allowed!
- Hosting copyrighted/illegal material is not allowed
- no mp3 storage (like 1 mp3 per account...)
- actually you know what's going on, if you abuse it we will delete your account
- XT Host reserves the right to delete any page it deems unacceptable for any reason without prior notice.
- XT Host makes no guarantee as to the availability of service.

Any pages that do not comply with the above guidelines will be removed.

You as the author of your pages take full responsibility for its contents. As the author you state your page contains nothing illegal. As the author, you also state that nothing on your page is copyrighted material and that any links to other servers have been approved by that organization. You agree that XT Host has the right to remove any page it determines, in its sole judgement, has violated these conditions.

The Member agrees that the use of the Site is entirely at the Member's own risk. The Site is provided on an "as is" basis without warranties of any kind, either expressed or implied. Furthermore, neither XT Host nor any third-party content provider makes any warranty with respect to any content, information, services, or products provided through or in conjunction with the Site.

The Member specifically agrees that XT Host or third-party content providers are not liable for any conduct by Members associated with the Site, including, but not limited to, Member Web pages, resumes, Member Profiles, surveys, chatrooms, or conferencing.

XT Host and third-party content providers make no guarantee of the accuracy, correctness, or completeness of any information on the Site and are not responsible for (I) any errors or omissions arising from the use of such information; (II) any failures, delays, or interruptions in the delivery of any content or services contained within the Site; or (III) losses or damages arising from the use of the content or services provided by the Site.

No Adult Content Is Allowed on XT Host. Any uploaded adult content will be deleted.

Do not send mass emails or "spam" advertising your website. Complaints of "Spam" will result in deletion of your website.

By submitting your pages, you are agreeing to all these conditions.

If you have any further question just ask us.

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